Invasive Species Resources

Invasive Species Education & Outreach Compendium

Identification and Control of Exotic Invasive Species 0Control%20of%20Exotic%20Invasive%20Species%20in%20Ontario’s%20Hardwood%20Forests.pdf

Invasive Species Centre – Plants

Ontario Invasive Plant Council – Best Management Practices Library

Ontario’s Invading Species Awareness Program

Grow Me Instead – Beautiful Non-Invasive Plants for Your Garden

Great Lakes Invasive Network

Plant a Row Grow a Row – Your Veggie Garden Guide

Reference for Introduction to Vegetable Gardening Oshawa Home Show Talk March 4, 2018:


In addition, the Peterborough Master Gardeners site has some excellent information for growing specific vegetables at the bottom of their resource page:

Also the Ottawa Master Gardeners have an Edible Garden newsletter and you can get access back 4 years and you can request to get set up for the monthly newsletter: