Become a MG

Are you interested in joining Durham Master Gardeners?

Master Gardeners of Ontario Inc. (MGOI) is a registered non-profit organization of volunteers, certified in horticulture, to advise and inspire home gardeners. Durham Master Gardeners (DMG) is the Chapter of MGOI for the Durham Region.

Three Paths

There are three paths toward completing the educational component for certification as a Master Gardener in Ontario: online study through Dalhousie University, or the University of Guelph, or by Certification Examination. For more on the education requirements and/or a certification exam, see the MGOI website.

Requirements for becoming a Master Gardener are as follows:

  • Successful completion of the Master Gardener’s Eligibility Test
  • Signed Master Gardener Agreement
  • Complete educational requirements within three (3) years of signing the MG Agreement (or complete a competency test)
  • OPTION A: University of Guelph. Courses are available online. The three courses required for Master Gardener certification are: Plant Identification; Soils and Plant Growth; and Integrated Pest Management.
  • OPTION B: Dalhousie University. These courses are available online. The four courses required for Master Gardener certification are: The Science of Gardening; Maintaining the Garden; Plant Identification and Use; and The Art of Gardening.
  • 30 volunteer hours per year, activities sanctioned by DMG
  • Six (6) Continuing Education Units per year

When you have chosen your path, contact us. Whichever path you choose, you will have three years to complete your training. Your training time will start when you join us.