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How to Become a Master Gardener

Are you interested in joining Durham Master Gardeners?

Master Gardeners of Ontario, Inc. (MGOI) is a registered non-profit organization of volunteers, certified in horticulture, to advise and inspire home gardeners. Durham Master Gardeners (DMG) is the Chapter of MGOI for the Durham Region. Requirements for becoming a Master Gardener are as follows:
  • Successful completion of the Master Gardener’s Eligibility Test
  • Signed Master Gardener Agreement
  • Complete educational requirements within three (3) years of signing the MG Agreement (or complete a competency test)
  • University of Guelph. Courses are available online. The three courses required for Master Gardener certification are: Plant Identification, Soils and Plant Growth, and Integrated Pest Management. See Education Requirements
  • Dalhousie University. These courses are available online. The four courses required for Master Gardener certification are: The Science of Gardening; Maintaining the Garden; Plant Identification and Use; and The Art of Gardening. See Education Requirements
  • 30 volunteer hours per year, activities sanctioned by DMG
  • Six (6) Continuing Education Units per year

For more information on becoming a Master Gardener, visit mgoi.ca. For more information on joining Durham Master Gardeners, please contact us.

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