Canadian Wildlife Federation Gardening Resources

CWF recognizes the importance of gardeners in supporting Canada’s wildlife and their habitats. As such, they have programs and resources that may be of interest.

The Garden Certification program officially recognizes Canadians who garden with wildlife in mind. And the annual Conservation Awards honours Canadians who have made a difference for wildlife – big or small!

Find plants suitable for your garden with the searchable Native Plant Encyclopedia featuring the range, growing conditions, wildlife supported and photos of these beneficial plants. Help fill some photography blanks by sending any pictures of a listed plant without an image! Your photo will be credited and will help Canadians support our bees, butterflies, birds and more.

With natural gardening becoming so popular, the Native Plant Supplier List helps Canadians find nurseries that sell native plants.

CWF has many more resources for gardeners, kids and educators such as colouring pages, an illustrated glossary and more.

Garden Certification:

Conservation Awards:

Native Plant Encyclopedia:

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Other Resources:

Speaker: Geological Habitat

Geological Habitat: Earth Fire Water & Air: Geology & Flowering Plants with Dr. Andy Fyon

June 29, 2017 - 7:00 pm

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