Rain Garden Plants Tip Sheet

Rain Garden Plants Tipsheet

Diagnostic Key for Abiotic (Cultural/Environmental) Problems of Herbaceous Ornamentals and Vegetables

Abiotic (Cultural/Environmental) Problems of Herbaceous Ornamentals and Vegetables

DMG Pruning Tip Sheet

DMG Pruning Tip Sheet

Diagnostic Key for Pests and Diseases of Annuals and Perennials

Pests and Diseases of Annuals and Perennials

Tip Sheet for Seed Starting

Revised April 2018 - Tip Sheet for Starting Your Plants from Seeds

Seeding and Transplant Problem Identification and Solutions


Plant a Row Grow a Row - Your Veggie Garden Guide

Reference for Introduction to Vegetable Gardening Oshawa Home Show Talk March 4, 2018:


Plant a Row Grow your Veggie Garden Guide



In addition, the Peterborough Master Gardeners site has some excellent information for growing specific vegetables at the bottom of their resource page:

Also the Ottawa Master Gardeners have an Edible Garden newsletter and you can get access back 4 years and you can request to get set up for the monthly newsletter:

Getting Your Garden Ready for Winter Tip Sheet

Getting Your Garden Ready for Winter

Language of Flowers Tip Sheet

Language of Flowers Tip Sheet

Hydrangea Tip Sheet

Hydrangea TipSheet

Companion Planting Guide Tip Sheet

Balcony Workshop: Companion Planting Guide

Starting Your Plants from Seeds Tip Sheet

Tip Sheet for Starting Your Plants from Seeds

Wildflower Crossword Puzzle Tip Sheet


5 Easy Care Houseplants Tip Sheet

5 Easy Care Houseplants Tip Sheet

Xeriscaping Drought Tolerant Plant Handout

Drought Tolerant Plant Handout

Planting Herbs in a Container Tip Sheet

Planting Herbs in a Container Tip Sheet

Invasive Species Resources

Invasive Species Education & Outreach Compendium

Identification and Control of Exotic Invasive Species
http://www.invasivespeciescentre.ca/SiteAssets/Files/WhatWeDo/2011_2012/Identification%20and%2 0Control%20of%20Exotic%20Invasive%20Species%20in%20Ontario's%20Hardwood%20Forests.pdf

Invasive Species Centre - Plants

Ontario Invasive Plant Council – Best Management Practices Library

Ontario’s Invading Species Awareness Program

Grow Me Instead – Beautiful Non-Invasive Plants for Your Garden

Great Lakes Invasive Network

Square Foot Gardening Planting Guidelines

Square Foot Planting Handout

Using Shrubs in the Landscape for Colour

Shrub Handout

Guide to Native Plant Nurseries & Seed Suppliers

Credit Valley Conservation encourages landowners and residents to plant native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses. Native plants are beautiful and can be used in all landscapes and gardens, from restoring a forest to creating a prairie or meadow, to planting flower beds, or selecting a tree for your front yard. Native plants are adapted to local conditions and are an integral part of a healthy, natural environment. Use this list to find a native plant nursery near you!

CVC Native Plant Nurseries

The Living Soil Fact Sheet

by Ingrid Janssen

Soil is one of the most important resources we have on our planet and yet few people understand what soil is. See the .pdf for the complete article:

The Living Soil Fact Sheet

Veggie Gardening for Beginners: Advice

Vegetable gardening is a great place to start for new gardeners getting their hands dirty for the first time. Many common vegetables are easy to grow and the reward is fresh, home-grown produce for the family.

Ingrid Janssen is the coordinator of the Durham Master Gardeners and Karen Sciuk is a past coordinator for the organization and the manager of trees, shrubs and perennials at Kingsway Greenhouse in Oshawa. The two women recently met with me at Kingsway to offer advice for budding veggie gardeners.

see full article

Pollinator Friendly Plants

Bring more pollinators to your garden.

This list will help you to fine-tune what to plant and where.

Pollinator Friendly Plantlist

Compost Workshop Tipsheet - Soil Food Web

Soil Food Web

Compost Workshop Tipsheet: Build Your Own Composter

Build Your Own Composter